I often read here and there that these days everything is more and more standardized and mass produced. When you buy something from a global brand such as Zara or H&M you can't expect to be the only one owning it...

but if this happens with an item priced near $2,000? a friend of mine has saved for months to adquire her own 2.55 by Chanel, and I understand she loves the piece, but I don't feel the exclusivity she paid for it, as that bag is just everywhere around :S

not only the fake ones, but a lot of bloggers and street style photographed people seem to wear they own original 2.55,

So what's the difference between an original 2.55 and another leather bag with a 2.55-inspirated design if it isn't exclusivity?

btw I love quilted handbags so I ordered this at midseason sales at Asos, the color is just perfect for my spring wardrobe

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