Have I told you I looooove bows? These shoes have a bit too much heel for me, but I can make an exception as they have a bow on them XD


I was starting to get tired of sequins, but this nude toned jacket made me change my opinion, I imagine it paired with a white or black dress on summer nights :)


I entered the shop searching for a skirt, but I tried this on, and couldn't resist, it's so flattering!


when I saw this small foulard I didn't think about navy tones or stripes, it was hostesses uniforms was what came to my mind, so that's the way I'm going to wear it first time, around the neck


yet another flower skirt, haha! have I told you green is my favorite color for clothes? a.though for weekdays I ussually mantain a low profile dresscode, this skirt is perfect to break it :)
anyway it isn't too short or inappropiate for work, so maybe I can even try it a weekday if I feel brave XD


These sunflowers are hairclips, and are quite big! I'm thinking of buying some more to clip them randomly on my hair, but perhaps I'd look disguised :S


Bows attrack me like honey to bees, so I couldn't help it and bought this belt, although it's a bit huge for my waist, but it was the last one in the store :S
So it has to be cut, and I'll have to wait to wear it :'(


I spotted this skirt last season at H&M in orange color, but as I hesitated, it sold out,
so when I saw it in beige/brown I just had to buy it, it's so flattering on!


Yesterday I went to an outlet area outside my town, and found this pair of sandals, they only had one pair and lucky me, was just my size, so they found a new home :)
I'm thinking of matching them with a white dress and turquoise stones jewelry


more stripes and bows! how could I resist?
I feel they are the final touch for a basic tee+jeans outfit :)


As I tried on this skirt I visualized it with a baby blue t-shirt and flat sandals...
now I need both items to build the outfit, hahaha XD


bows at the back, navy stripes and colors... this dress is SO this season! Iwas surprised also by the fabric, I didn't expect so good quality, I'm happy!


a watch with plastic band... I saw it while I was queueing to pay a pair of shoes, and I started to fantasize about coming soon beach days and pool parties, and it felt like the most useful accessory...
perhaps it isn't, but as long as it evokes holidays, it makes me happy, lol!


baby pink! I have this top in black and it's my fav piece of cloth this season, so I knew I would buy it in other color as soon as I knew it existed XD


although it's difficult to appreciate it on the photo, this skirt is made with a silky material and the color is slightly darker,
I love the big pockets, they make the skirt look different and sporty :)


they are made of a thick and stretchy fabric, although they feel very comfy :D

the only doubt i'm having with them is I have way too many garments with flowery prints, and i may get tired of them before the summer weather gets here :S


not only nude colored but super-comfy! I bought it and weared it as I arrived home to change my clothes, couldn't wait a sec!


Found this skirt at Mango outlet and bought it for a change, it has a rare lenght, at mid calf and high waisted, and the fabric is fabulous, I think I will wear it not also this spring but next fall
it was ridiculous priced also! O.O


Hairpins! They look so romantic with a bride and nude clothes :)


simple, comfy, versatile... a black top with a twist! flowers made of silk fabric sewed on the neckline
I'm sure I'll buy it in other colors,I'm deeply in love with it!


loving this flowery print, although my bf thinks it's like a couch cover fabric :'(
I also wanted a skirt with a different cut as anything I spot at stores are full skirts and this is balloon shaped with pockets


finally a navy striped top that looks flattering! definitely I needed a bow to find a piece of these appealing enough to buy it!


trend ladies section is my favorite on H&M, you can find very special items there
I also love pairing night blue with black, although I'm not a fan of brown-black combos :S


I was searching a denim fabric handbag, something to wear and to waste, and this one has a plus, my laptop fits inside :)
Also the closing clasp is not magnetic, as I've had trouble a couple of times because they damage my credit cards, and I won't buy a clutch or bag with magnetic closure never ever!


there's also a skirt with this bow-embellised pockets, in the same cotton-denim fabric, but I think these shorts fitted me better


I'm in love with this Miu Miu inspiration skirt, also because it isn't copying the already famous print, but just reinterpreting the idea... and yet it's been a bargain :)


made of very very light t-shirt fabric, I found perfect for a weekday, not revealing, not shiny, not too eye-catching... subtle and perhaps somewhat elegant!


there only one thing i'm more in love than flower prints, and that would be bows :D


I often read here and there that these days everything is more and more standardized and mass produced. When you buy something from a global brand such as Zara or H&M you can't expect to be the only one owning it...

but if this happens with an item priced near $2,000? a friend of mine has saved for months to adquire her own 2.55 by Chanel, and I understand she loves the piece, but I don't feel the exclusivity she paid for it, as that bag is just everywhere around :S

not only the fake ones, but a lot of bloggers and street style photographed people seem to wear they own original 2.55,

So what's the difference between an original 2.55 and another leather bag with a 2.55-inspirated design if it isn't exclusivity?

btw I love quilted handbags so I ordered this at midseason sales at Asos, the color is just perfect for my spring wardrobe


These are made of light fabric although they seem jeans, I loved the shape they have, I find it so versatile


it has a bow-like front, beautiful paired with just a nude top and heels for an elegant dinner look


nice the way the back is lower than the front piece, but anyway you won't need and special bra


Got them in black last season, but I'm not fed up yet, so I just bought them in taupe :)


DIY! Last weeks I saw so many of these dresses from last Xmas campaign at H&M, on sale, but every time I step over there I thought I had no use for yet-another-party-dress, and also they were all on bigger sizes than mine...
...and then, as the skirt-collector-freak I am, this idea came to my mind XD
I'm not quite used to sew, but I gave it a chance as the dress was way too cheap, and I'm happy with the result!


Way toooo cheap! I'm feeling I need this skirt in every print and every color, only 8€ (and solid color ones for just 6€)
skirt collection here I go!


a light pink cardi for spring outfits! you would agree it's totally a must XD


Loooove these wool tights... but no idea with what could possibly wear them, so I'm not sure if I should return them to the store :( any help, please?


My fav piece from Garden collection! Bad luck the weather is too cold outside...
anyway the material is recycled but also sooooo soft!

can't wait for h&m next's capsule collection :)


I like these tricot dresses, perfect while it's too cold for t-shirts and too hot for jumpers, very flattering and not-revealing... and with 50% discount I won't argue ^^